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Black & White Images

I have shot Black & White work since the beginning of my career. Originally shooting in 4x5 and 2 ΒΌ film along with a lot of 35mm PanF. Now of course everything is shot in digital and the darkroom is your computer screen. I love the quality of digital imaging. Even from scans of negatives older than I care to think about. I see the world in shades of grey often as I am composing images. The way you shoot from the beginning makes a difference in the final prints. Ansel Adams taught me that of course. His inspiration via his books and prints is unmistakable. There was a time I only shot in Black & White, yet am glad early on I became known for my color work as well as some of these Black & White images. While these iamges are placed in the Landscape section there are many cityscapes as well. Prints are available from Quiet Light Publishing.