Folio - Great Smoky Mountains NP - Color Edition

Folio - Great Smoky Mountains NP- Color Edition

I first ventured into the Great Smokies as an aspiring landscape photographer in 1975, and a love affair began. This is where I first honed my craft. I started with 35mm film and shot only black & white, then brought my Hasselblad and a 4x5 and shot in both color and B&W. And yet when I decided in 2005 to make my second book from my images over the years I realized how much I had not seen in the park. And now I was shooting exclusively with my digital Canon camera. I spent the next three years driving back to the park in different seasons and to different parts, some of which I had never been to. I organized my thoughts on the book and realized I would present it by areas of the park. Most people see this park form their cars and I wanted to record many of those views but also take them off the beaten path and into the back country I had been hiking through all these years.

This folio consists of 10 images from my book Great Smoky Mountains NP Thirty Years of American Landscapes. Folio can be ppurchased on Quiet Light Publishing using this link: Folio - Great Smoky Mountains